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6 March 2010

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4 October 2010
Silkypix is versatile imaging software bundled with recent Panasonic, Samsung and Fuji cameras.  While it will process both RAW and
JPG images, some reviewers have scorned it just because it is a little different, rather than take the time to find out how to use it.

Most of those differences, including its sequential layout of tools, result in a simple, effective work flow with excellent results and image
quality.  Here are some helpful tutorials on how to get the most out of Silkypix.  
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Silkypix Tutorials
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        Perspective Distortion
Four simple sliders straighten
verticals, horizontals, rotation and tilt.
Getting Started With Silkypix
(Text-only version for the moment)
      RAW versus JPEG
The same image gives richer colour
and with less noise, in RAW.